The Giant List of Pet Society Guides

This is a comprehensive list of links to helpful guides and tips for the Pet Society player collected from various blogs and sites. Whether you’re a new or a veteran player, there’s always something to be learned. The categories are arranged alphabetically for easy searching.

Please note that this is a work-in-progress and new links will be added later. Also, feel free to recommend links to guides that you think should be added here. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this collection to help other players! :)


  • Cooking Guide by Pet Society Mystery Furdeeni’s owner painstakingly completed this fabulous cooking guide for all PS players. Check it out!
  • Cooking Guide by Melodeth @ Playfish forum A great cooking guide if you prefer to read in the forum format.


  • 2009 Dolls by Pet Society Philippines All dolls released and in store during 2009.
  • 2010 Dolls by Pet Society Philippines All dolls released and in store during 2010.
  • Doll Guide by M_I_N_A_R_A @ Playfish forum Comprehensive list of all dolls, plushies, on-the-fence, and things that look like dolls but aren’t dolls. *whew*


  • Fishing For Dummies by Pet Society Anonymous This is the complete zen method to Pet Society fishing, perfect for the newbies who are frustrated with “The fish got away!” messages. Read this and you’ll never waste bait again.
  • Ultimate Fishing Guide by Sorani @ Playfish forum This isn’t just a guide on how to fish in Pet Society. There’s an FAQ for the clueless, a list of pro-fish caught with pro fishing gear, and a list of fishes caught with the fish biscuit. For free & special fishes, I recommend the next two fish lists below.
  • PS World’s Fish List by Pet Society World This is one of the best fish lists without using any playfish cash-bought bait. PS Girl categorizes them in chronological order and also lists special baits for rare and fantasy fishes.
  • PSD’s Fish List by Pet Society Dream [not updated] This is another list for free (non-playfish cash) fishes. Beautifully and neatly arranged by Momiji’s owner, the special baits are clearly pictured for easy buying.
  • Complete List of Treasure Bait Items by Pet Society Philippines Released in April 2010, they’re special one-of-a-kind deep sea deco items. Bait costs 6 cc each and can be bought from the Boutique.
  • Complete List of Gummy Fishes by Pet Society Philippines These fishes are available from the gummy fish bait which cost 3 cc each from the Boutique.


  • Homegrown Flowers Database by Pet Society Philippines Includes a list, pictures, seed prices, release dates, and resale/recycle values of grown flowers.
  • Homegrown Trees & Fruits Database by Pet Society Philippines Includes a list, pictures, seed prices, and release dates. Also includes sale/recycle values of homegrown fruits.
  • Homegrown Vegetable Database by Pet Society Philippines Includes a list, pictures, seed prices, release dates, and resale/recycle values of grown vegetables.
  • Pet Society Vegetable Seed from Petpedia No pictures but it includes all the prices, resale values, recycle values, and the special prices for the sweetheart root.
  • How to Grow Every Type of Tree in Pet Society by Pet Society Anonymous Can’t wait for 3 days to find out what tree will grow from your tiny seed? Want to make sure that you don’t waste 500 coins from growing repetitive trees? Check this out.
  • Beanstalk Seed Steps and Room by Pet Society Philippines Jay.P shows everyone the steps and fruits of the 20cc beanstalk seed and what the secret room looks like.


  • 12 Out-of-this-World Items by Pet Society Fans This April 2010, Hideeni changed into a spacesuit to deliver gifts from the stars.
  • 15 World Cup Flags by Pet Society Anonymous Released in June 2010, Hideeni will release the flags and will remove them if the teams get eliminated.


  • Pet Society Levels by Pet Society Help A chart of all levels, showing the required paw points and what you’ll get with each level up.



  • Mystery Box / Mystery Egg Hunting Tip by Pet Society Cat Hunting for mystery box/egg items without wasting for precious coins. Or when you simply want to buy-and-sell mystery items to gain more revenue. This is simply a step-by-step guide after I got the tip from another player named Lucky.
  • Mystery Box Strategies by Pet Society World PS Girl’s mass-buying of mystery boxes method for collectors and extra profit.


  • 999 Items from Mystery Boxes by M_I_N_A_R_A @ Playfish forum All the 999-priced items from Gold and Blue Mystery Boxes.  Great reference if you’re a collector.


  • Complete List of Holiday Tree Ornaments 2009 by Pet Society Philippines Although these eggs are no longer available as they were limited holiday items, it’s great to have a record of all the tree decorations offered last Christmas 2009.
  • Complete List of Snowman Ornament Mystery Eggs 2009 by Pet Society World Like the holiday tree ornaments, these eggs are no longer available in the shop as they are holiday items. But if you wish to see what they were, PS Girl includes all the photos, prices and resale values of the items.


  • Petlings Guide by Pet Society Mystery Like the cooking guide, PSM updates this petling guide as soon as new features appear. This is the most comprehensive petling guide I’ve seen so far, and it answers a lot of questions a petling owner might have.
  • Petlings Guide by Pet Society Philippines A FAQ guide about petlings.


  • Idiot Proof Pooing Guide by Life in Pet Society Wondering how to make your pet comfortable enough to poo that golden or rainbow poo? Read this.


  • Recycling and Eco Box Info by Pet Society World Ever wondered what recycling is good for and what’s in those mysterious eco boxes? Here, PS Girl shows you exactly what you might get. Those 30,000 eco box items are pretty sweet.


  • TWS Items List by Pet Society Mystery Ever wondered what you’re missing? If you’re a collector and want a reference to buy/trade for items you never got the chance to purchase when they were available in store, this is the list for you.
  • Holiday Advent Calendar 2009 by Pet Society Philippines The advent calendar was offered on sale during the Christmas season. Every day until the 24th, a gift will come from the calendar. These little glow-in-the-dark gifts could be used as tree ornaments.
  • St. Valentines Day 2010 Chocolate Boxes by Pet Society World 14 days before Valentines Day, two chocolate boxes were offered on sale. Every day until the 14th, a special sweet will come from the box.
  • Vacation Tickets by Pet Society Cat Featuring three packages: Arabian Nights, Cruise, and Safari. 6,500 coins each in the Market store.
  • Animal Costume Bag Collection by Pet Society Philippines Starting June 2010, the bag is offered in the Boutique for 5cc each and gives you a random piece of a costume.
  • Magic Sand and Mystery Castles by Pet Society World Released in June 2010 and on sale in the Garden shop for 1000 coins each. The sand evolves into three different types of castles.
  • Pet Society Mystery Painting from Pet Society World A mystery painting for 900 coins could be 3 possible mystery paintings. Buy one and find out! Mystery painting was released in July 2010.
  • Ice Cream List from the Ice Cream Stand by Pet Society Cat Released in July 2010, the ice cream stand can be bought for 2,000 coins while each ice cream costs 80 coins. Your pet and any pet who visits your room with the stand can buy from it.


  • Room Previewer by Rai (Meerkat) Ever wondered how the wallpaper or floor would look in a room but you don’t want to shell out a lot of coins just to find out? This nifty flash tool will help you mix and match wallpapers and floors before you buy them.
  • Petbook This is just not a guide but a whole site made to help the Pet Society player. I especially love that the items are arrange by category and it’s easier to look for things when you’re not sure where to find that cute item you saw from your neighbor.


  • Treasure Hunt Guide by Pet Society Cat This feature was introduced in 11 June 2010 for the first time. This is a short guide to digging for treasure in Pet Society.

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