♥Other forum options

Hey Guys 🙂

Since the forum will also be closing (along with Pet Society), there are several other forums that you guys can try:

1. Dorkage

2. Social Forum

3. Party Town App

4. Facebook Games Chat and Trade

5. Fire Gold

I’m thinking of moving to “Facebook Games Chat and Trade” because it’s been around the longest and it appeals to me the most. Which forum are you switching to?



♥Should I wear this outfit on the last day?

Hey Guys 🙂

I’m planning on wearing an ‘angel’-like outfit for the last day of Pet Society. What do you think of this outfit?


Also, feel free to comment below and show me what outfit you might wear!


♥Why I won’t be playing “Party Town”

Hey Guys 🙂

I was debating on which games I should play now, and I was really leaning towards “Party Town” because the graphics are quite similar (not as good, but similar). But then I found some things that I really disliked about it…

1. It’s very slow
Sometimes I can’t even open the game up because it will load forever – and I know it’s not my internet connection because all other games load really fast and I have strong internet connection.

2. There are many glitches in the game
There are some glitches that I noticed – like sometimes I can’t even visit my friends. Also, the “Guide Tab” won’t open for me.

3. Everything is very expensive – even MORE than Pet Society
It seems impossible to even decorate a room or anything (with a set theme) because you always need diamonds to buy some of that furniture. At least on Pet Society, we could complete a themed room without spending a single cent. Even the regular coin items are quite expensive…

I still am figuring out on which game to play – I’m still not sure. But I really don’t like the graphics of Pet City… What are you guys going to do?


♥No more themes to come

Hey Guys! 🙂

It’s official, there are no more themes to come for Pet Society – not even a “goodbye” one. This makes me VERY angry. EA couldn’t even take the time to have at least a good bye theme. Also, I recently was looking at the forum and apparently next week’s theme was supposed to be “Moroccan Theme“, but they cancelled that. It would have looked like this:

37057_492343707481352_1406853937_n 71425_492343724148017_234062353_n 935094_492343730814683_1363619381_n


♥I need your opinion!

Hey Guys 🙂

(Cherry’s new Spectacled Bear Costume)

So, since I don’t want to throw away all my hard work on this blog, I was thinking that maybe I should continue with another pet game. So, here’s a poll and you tell me what game I should continue blogging about, and the one with the most votes will be the one that continue to blog about!


♥The end of Pet Society

Hey Guys… 😦

If you didn’t hear already, Pet Society is shutting down. Yes, It’s very shocking. I saw it coming, but I didn’t think they would close it down until like next year at least! There’s not much I can really say, because I’m still pretty shocked. All I can say is that I feel betrayed, and it really sucks for all the loyal players. When I found out, I started balling my eyes out. If you want to see the official post about it and see what others think about it, check out the forum:


But maybe that Pet Society closing down is the best for all of us. I mean, we can’t play Pet Society forever, and one day we’d have to all stop. Maybe it’s time to move on and continue with our real lives. There are other pet games too, like Pet City, and I might look into that – but I know it won’t be the same. I’ve also thought of moving on to Webkinz (I know, very childish, but it’s super cute too!) I’ll always miss my little Cherry, and she’s always been there for me.

But I will enjoy the time I have with her until the very last day – June 14th. But now, the real question… Should I continue posting on this blog? This is where your opinions come in. Here’s a poll I hope you all will fill out:

No matter what, I will always keep this blog up (regardless if I continue to post or not) so if anyone wants to look back at some of my older posts. It really sucks though, because I got almost 25,000 hits, which is.. ALOT! And I feel like this is all going to waste. Also, I wonder something else…. Should I start blogging about another game? Like I mentioned… Pet City or Webkinz?

Anyways, I am so sorry that this had to happen, but if you want me to continue posting, I will continue posting regularly until June 14th. I hope we all can move on and find another game that we enjoy! Thank you everyone who I traded with and spent time with on Pet Society. I met so many great friends and all my readers are amazing people. Please feel free to message me on Facebook if you want to!


♥RECENT HAUL: Chinese Girl Outfit

Hey guys 🙂

I’ve decided to do some reviews every time I get a new outfit, so you guys know what it’ll look on your pet if you decide to get it. Anyways, I recently just got the “Chinese Girl” through a trade with a friend, and this is what it looks like on Cherry:



Why I Gave It That Rate

I think that this outfit exactly portrays Mulan, and I love how the details are so exquisite and it’s super pretty. I love this, and it’s a new favorite outfit of Cherry too!

How It Could Improve
If there shoes that came with the outfit, I would love it so much more!


♥New Golden Age outfits + others

Hey Guys 🙂

I got the 3 of the Golden Age outfits – Plaid, Polka and Evening Glamour. I didn’t really like the Chic one, so I didn’t bother getting it. Anyways, check it out:

1. Plaid
2. Polka
3. Evening Glamour
I like all of the outfits, but the wigs are definetley not my favorite. But at least it stays true to the 50’s era. Also, I got two other outfits – Japanese Tan Uniform and Egyptian Princess. Check it out:

524321_4529309240712_224298773_n 560079_4528002008032_1787738411_n

I definetley love this two outfits, they’re super pretty. What do you think?


♥Contest Results!

Hey Guys 🙂

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for… It’s time to announce the winners to the “20,000 hits contest!”

1st place:
Why I chose this:
The suit was very unique, and the combination with the hat and purse was amazing! The wig added a touch of girliness and it’s awesome how she turned a male outfit into a girl outfit. Congratulations!

2nd place: Beatrice
Why I chose this:
This outfit was very elegant, and very “fairy-like.” I love how cute this outfit is, and it’s definetley something my pet would wear! The headband also went perfect with the outfit. Congratulations!

3rd place: Mahima Sharma
Why I chose this:
This outfit was very chic and elegant, and I love the color combination of red and white. The bow goes perfectly with the dress, and the wings just add a touch of cuteness. Congratulations!

4th place: Kiara
Why I chose this:
This outfit is cute, simple, and the colors go together perfectly! The wig was a perfect choice and this is a very girly outfit (which is what I love). The umbrella is just an added touch that completes the whole look. Congratulations!


Thank you to all the wonderful entries, there were so many and it was very difficult to choose. And for the people who won, please comment your facebook link on here, and I will add you and send the gifts. Congratulations to everyone!


♥Happy Easter!

Hey Guys 🙂

Cherry and I just wanted to wish you all a very Happy Easter!


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