♥MUST READ! You don’t wanna miss this!

Hey Guys! 🙂

I found this blog, http://sweetyslifeandtimes.blogspot.ca/, and they had some awesome PS tips and tricks that were SO crucial if you want to make playing PS even better. So I wanted to share them with you! Check it out:

1. Level up quickly by trading Regal Carriage back and forth with a trusted friend daily. The more carriages you trade, the more Paw Points you receive.

2. Place plushies and other objects your pet interacts with on top of White Saucer so your pet can not move them.

3. Have your pet go outside of it’s home and then back in while decorating a room so you can fix layering issues.

4. Placing a door in a room will make it your main room if you remove the doors from all other rooms.

5. The best PSC items to purchase that will help you in the game is the Welcome Mat and Town Forest Lucky Hat.

6. Go through your pets home every couple of months to redecorate and sell older, out dated items back to the store. It’s a great way to make extra coins and gain more space for newer themes.

7. There is a chest limit so pick and choose your best items and part ways with others. Fish and stickers count towards your chest limit as do repeated items.

8. Trade for items in mystery boxes if your short on coins, instead of trying to get them yourself. Always trade for items by using the official Pet Society Trading Forum only. You must create a forum account to view this forum.

9. Using the Light Switch will make your pet’s room go dark or light for glow in the dark items to be visible. Your room will remain in the last setting you chose, dark or light, even if you remove the light switch and all items from it.

10. Use shelves behind table edges to give them depth and be able to display some items behind others. Shelves are the best way to fix layering issues.


♥Make Pet Society load faster

Hey Guys! 🙂

I know that alot of people are finding some difficulties with PS and how slow it can be at some times. This can be caused be slow internet connection, and outdated browser or even a plug in. Follow these steps to make PS load faster:

1.When PS loads, right-click on the screen and click on Settings. Click on the folder icon (third icon) and move the slider to the extreme right (check out the screenshot below). This will allow your PC to store the game’s unlimited data. When the game loads the next time, it will load all data and elements much quicker, thanks to the unlimited setting option.

2. Make sure there aren’t any processors that eat up your laptop/PC speed. Press Shift + Control + Escape keys to open up the Task Manager and end those unwanted processes that you thing hog your CPU. You might also want to try applications like CCleaner to disable unwanted processes if you are afraid of doing it manually.

3. You can try browsers like Maxthon. I have heard that it’s super fast and great for facebook games, like PS. But the one drawback is that the browser does not update the Flash plug-in after downloading and installing the player. You will have to do it manually.

4. Chrome is also a good web browser, but the current Firefox version is way better. I found all game objects load quickly once I upgraded to the latest Firefox version.

5. Do confirm whether the browser has updated to the latest Flash version. While playing, right-click on the game screen and check the last line, below “Global Settings”.


♥How to get 2,000 coins every week

Hey Guys! 🙂

I was suprised when I found out that not alot of people know this really cool trick that I am about to share with you guys! It’s a way you can 2,000 coins EVERY WEEK and you don’t even have to do ANY work at all! There’s only ONE thing you need to do…

Allow Playfish to email you. (Click here to enter your email: http://www.playfish.com/misc/64bituid/)

And once you enter your email, you will get updates on new prizes (but not that often, so your inbox won’t be filled with emails), and then the best part – every week, when they have a new theme, they will send you an email offering you 2,000 coins just for subscribing to their newsletter! How cool is that?

Anyways, I hope this helps you guys!

♥How to poo on Pet Society

Hey Guys! 🙂

One of the most frequently asked questions in Pet Society is how to make a pet Poo. So, I decided to make a post giving you guys some simple instructions on how to make poo. To make a pet poo in Pet Society, here’s what you gotta do….

Before you Poo:

1. Keep your pet full of food and happy
2. Buy plenty of food, so if the health level drops, you can give it food right away
3. Keep the cleanliness meter below 40% – or even better, at 0%
4. Move your pet to an empty room (no chairs, bed, nothing)

Making your pet Poo:

1. Try clicking on your pet, and check to see if it makes a scrunchie face, if it doesn’t KEEP CLICKING! If not, you can just wait there (but always keep it running).

2. Before your pet poos, it will make a scrunchie face

3. Remain still, do not touch your pet or even move your mouse. Then, a poo will appear!

4. Also, if you want to move your poo, make sure your chest is open, because if it’s not, and you click on the poo, it will turn into a coin and bounce away.

Types of Poo: