♥Meet the Petlings!

Cashew the Cat

Cashew is a very loyal, loving kitten whose name is Cashew. Cashew is the oldest of the three, and she has been with me from the beginning of my life at Pet Society. We have had some great times together, except for the one time she ran away when my owner Angelica was away on vacation for a week! Terrible experience… Cashew is fun, loyal and always purrs!

♥ Danino the Dog

Danino is a cute little dog, and he is very furry and playful. Despite having 2 petling biscuit bundles, I loved this color so much – I kept it. Danino is 2nd oldest of the three, and he has always been a great petling! He’s always around to play ball, and he rarely ever barks or makes noise. Sometimes, you’ll catch him sleeping – and when you do – it’s the most adorable thing ever!

Daisy the Donkey

Daisy is a cute donkey who always gets into trouble! But no matter how much she gets into trouble, I will always love her. She is the youngest of the three, and you can definetley tell by the way she tugs on your dress when she wants a cookie! She’s the most outgoing of the bunch, and she’s always energetic and fun-loving.