♥My Dream V4 Pony

Hey Guys 🙂

Although I don’t really like the V4’s, an I haven’t collected any of them, I still made some dream V4 ponies. Check it out:

dream 1 dream 2 dream 3

As you can probably tell, I LOVE LOVE LOVE monos and matchy ponies. What is your dream v4?



♥My First Pony!

Hey Guys! 🙂

So if you haven’t noticed – I’m not much of a collector when it comes to ponies, kitties, zombies, etc… They costs CC and I would rather much spend the CC on secret rooms and outfit bundles! But today, my friend from the PS forum sent me my FIRST pony! It’s a V2 pony! It’s light pink, with green hair, with a music note on it’s body. Check it out! 🙂