♥My Dream V4 Pony

Hey Guys 🙂

Although I don’t really like the V4’s, an I haven’t collected any of them, I still made some dream V4 ponies. Check it out:

dream 1 dream 2 dream 3

As you can probably tell, I LOVE LOVE LOVE monos and matchy ponies. What is your dream v4?


♥My Dream Ponies + 2 new rares!

Hey Guys 🙂

I know I already posted today, but there’s so much going on today! I decided to finally make up my Dream V1 and V2 ponies. Check them out:

Dream Pony V1

Dream Pony V2

Also, I did a trade with someone and I got two other things from my wishlist! Royal Bride and Immaculate Fairy. My wishlist is almost complete. Check it out: