♥No more themes to come

Hey Guys! 🙂

It’s official, there are no more themes to come for Pet Society – not even a “goodbye” one. This makes me VERY angry. EA couldn’t even take the time to have at least a good bye theme. Also, I recently was looking at the forum and apparently next week’s theme was supposed to be “Moroccan Theme“, but they cancelled that. It would have looked like this:

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♥2 new rares + Irish Week

Hey Guys 🙂

Today I got 2 new rares – Cheshire Cat and Evil Sea Witch. Since people have hacked the game, the rares are really easy to get now. I love them so much! Check them out:


I have almost ALL the rares, but I’m still missing a few…
Also, the blog was updated and next week’s theme is “Irish Week.” I love next week’s theme and how purely Irish it is! I think everyone else is happy with it too. What do you think about next week’s theme?


♥”For The Women” on Pet Society

Hey Guys 🙂

I think next week’s theme is a great theme idea, and it’s definetley very original. I think it’s great that Pet Society is recognizing women, but I do think that they should have a “For the Men” day – just so it’s fair for the male players.

Anyways, my favorite outfit out of all the outfits is the “Traditional Irish Outfit
Which one is your favorite outfit?


♥This week’s theme + Next week’s theme

Hey Guys 🙂

Okay, so did anyone notice that this week’s theme “Science Gone Wrong” was the same as “Cloudy as a chance with Meatballs“?
Overall though, I didn’t really like this week’s theme because it was a bit too weird for Cherry and me.
And, here’s a spoiler for next week’s theme:
I think it’s because it was Chinese New Year recently, but I also noticed this is the same as “Kung Fu Panda“. Still, I’m SUPER excited for next week’s theme because I like multicultural themes, and I also love that movie! What do you guys think about this week and next week’s theme?


♥V2 Pony on SALE

Hey Guys 🙂

I wanted to make a quick post to let you know that this Friday, the V2 Pony will be on sale for only 3 CC! Isn’t that awesome?


I plan on buying at least 25 plushies, so I will cross my fingers that I get some good ones!


♥THEME SPOILER: Cupid’s Corner

Hey Guys 🙂

So if you didn’t notice, there’s a new splash screen:
And when I looked on some spoiler sites, I noticed this:


The outfit is so BEAUTIFUL and I can’t wait to see the full theme spoiler on the official blog! What do you think of the theme?


♥THEME SPOILER: January 23rd, 2012

Hey Guys 🙂

This is a really early theme spoiler, and I’m super excited to share it with you guys! Next week’s theme is “Patches and Stitches“! Here’s a picture of the theme banner:


And here’s the CC mystery box outfits:


I personally don’t like the rare outfit, but I really like the 1st one from the left. It’s super girly and the wig and bow-headband is super cute! This theme overall is decent – I don’t hate it, I don’t love it. But I really do like the CC mystery bundles! What do you guys think of this next week’s theme?


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