♥5 new wigs + 5 new outfits!

Hey Guys! 🙂

Okay, I am super excited to make this post! I just recently had a HUGE wig and outfit haul the other day. I got 5 new wigs and 5 new outfits! Check it out:

Wig and Outfit #1:

Blonde Curls Wig

Crystal Princess Dress set
Crystal Princess Hair Flower.jpgCrystal princess shoes.png

Wig and Outfit #2:

Long Princess Wig (dyed)

Mon Petit Cheri “Luxury Dress”

Wig and Outfit #3:

Regal Masquerade Outfit (bundle)

Wig and Outfit #4:

Lady Brittney Bundle (wihtout the pig nose)

Wig and Outfit #5:

Curly Long Wig (dyed)

Frog Princess Dress

And that’s all! I’m so glad I have these new outfits and wigs, because Cherry hasn’t had any new ones recently! Most of the things I either bought myself, dug up or traded with another friend. Now, which one is your favorite outfit?



♥NEW WIG: Brown up-do

Hey Guys! 🙂

I just wanted to update you guys on my recent haul… I just got a new wig! I took the “Japanese” wig (which is originally black), and I dyed it a medium-dark brown, using the “Cupcake Wig Dye” table in color “Chocolate Brown”. Here are some photos:


♥My top 5 favorite wigs!

Hey Guys! 🙂

I wanted to show you my top 5 all time favorite wigs!

5. This one is a cute shorter wig that has a bit of a edgy-side, but yet it’s still soft and pretty. I love wearing hats with this hairstyle!

4. This one is a blonde wig, and it’s straight with a little “Lady Gaga” bow on the side and front bangs. It’s cute on it’s own, but I don’t usually wear accesories with this one!

3. This one is a another blonde one (most of my wigs are blonde, LOL), and this one is a simple “angled bob” hairstyle. I love it because it’s voluminous, and it’s great for bows and headbands.

2. This one is a black wig, and it’s pulled back into a simple bun with a few strands falling in the front. I love this one, and it’s my 2nd favorite of all time.

1. And my favorite wig of all time, is another blonde wig. It’s similar to #2, and it’s also pulled back into a bun with strands coming out in the front. You’ll catch me wearing this wig the most!

Anyways, comment below and tell me what YOUR favorite wig is! 🙂